General Objective

  • To foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level in the frame of strand, multi-annual priorities
  • To promote solidarity in times of crisis
  • To foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding and combatting the stigmatisation of migrants and minority groups.

Specific Objective

  • To encourage the democratic and civic participation of 565 youth aged 18-30 +11 30-65 years old people – including policy makers and stakeholders – from the partner countries, by developing their understanding of the Union policy making-process in the frame of migration and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at European level. This will be done specifically by setting up 5 Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis (TAS) workshops and 1 final international event to analyse the profile, perception, evolution causes and results and policy-making related to the “migrant” persona in European societies and to debate, dialogue and overcome stereotypes about migrants by deconstructing past and present processes of stigmatisation and integration, while promoting within the beneficiaries a sense of European cooperation and empowering them in addressing these issues and crises.


These objectives perfectly fit the general and specific objectives of the programme and the relevant multi-annual priorities. The foreseen actions are cost-efficient and are set to engage citizens in EU public and political life by knowing about these two spheres, debating on them, and being presented with opportunities to engage beyond the project’s scope and by directly dialoguing with EU officials.

The beneficiaries will learn about the experiences of various migrant groups (Jewish refugees, migrations from Africa to Europe, intra-European laborers etc.) and of the host societies or the countries they migrated from, to explore and discuss different perceptions, policies, patterns and paths of migration in European societies, as well as obstacles and challenges (misunderstandings, discrimination, prejudices, propaganda).

The partners have different expertise and the project synergises these and different types of methodologies and innovative working methods such as design thinking. It will be framed within an innovative TAS approach to ensure a lasting and strong impact and reach on the beneficiaries.

The dissemination campaign will ensure that such impact is expanded beyond the beneficiaries toward the public via various e-participation tools. The involved youth will be coming from different backgrounds (not all will be already involved in the issues that are the object of the proposal) and the presence of people with fewer opportunities will be part of the structure of the TAS labs. The involved countries will guarantee a truly European scope and dimension and the outputs will aim at promoting a positive change in EU agenda. Finally, the involvement of EU Solidary Corps will ensure an even more concrete and pragmatic closure to the project’s activities.