As part of the TAS Migration LABS project, 2 young volunteers were selected via the Solidarity Corps Platform and hosted by project partner from Italy – Co.P.E. Sharon and Samuele were included in the Co.P.E. staff and carried out the final activities related to the TAS labs project, as well as fine-tuned activities depending on the personal profile of each volunteer. The ESC volunteering period lasted 1 month (3 months including preparatory work and VET formation) and started officially on July 19, 2021 while VET formation started at mid June 2021 with the organisation of periodical online meetings with the ESC volunteers. The ESC volunteering period officially ended on August 23rd 2021.

The two selected volunteers, Samuele Castorina and Sharon Seminara, received a specific training aimed at getting to know the host organisation COPE and its various sectors of intervention, as well as a specific training, which focused on COPE’s Europe Sector and in particular on the TAS LABS project and the various planned activities. Starting from June 15th, Samuele and Sharon were involved in weekly online meetings on Zoom platform, during which they were introduced to the organisation Co.P.E., it’s staff members and different intervention areas. ESC volunteers got familiar with the world of EU funded projects, and received fine-tuned training in order to prepare them for the activities within the TAS Labs project.

The main activities performed by the ESC volunteers were related to dissemination. According to the editorial plan, Co.P.E. Ngo was responsible for managing the Tas Labs Facebook page during the month of July. Therefore, ESC volunteers were engaged in searching articles/webinars/reports/interesting  opportunities related to the project’s aims and writing a post twice a week on the project’s facebook page. They were also engaged in creating content for Cope’s Social media channels and website. As the second main activity, ESC volunteers collected materials, infographics, interesting articles about migration and the migration crisis, opportunities such as webinars/courses/ related to the issue to include in two international newsletters in English and in Italian language. During the course of their volunteering activity, both volunteers were involved in the creation of a Game Demo with the aim of sensitizing young audience to the theme of fake-news related to migration. In the demo version, the player has to deal with an external environment that contains various Fake News on the migrant population, anti-immigrant propaganda slogans, messages on television, newspaper etc.


Hi everyone! I’m Sharon and I’m from Catania, in Sicily. I’m 27 years old and I graduated in Languages and literature from University of Catania, and especially I have a predilection for Spanish language and culture, in fact I improved my linguistic skills also thanks to an Erasmus+ experience, in Seville. Therefore , I would like to become a Spanish teacher and that’s what I’m trying to do through some school experiences and, in the meantime, even through Italian classes for foreigners. Not by chance, participating in this project gave me the possibility to improve my linguistic skills, especially with regard to English, and primarily to approach the world of migration because I wanted to give a practical help in the promotion of solidarity and in the struggle against prejudices towards migrants and minorities. I have always had an interest in the topic of migration because I always try to empathize and understand how it is on the side of those who are victims of prejudices, also because, sometimes, even our families or relatives have experienced migratory situations and they know what it feels like  and which are the real causes of migration. However, as we well know,  fake news also feeds prejudices and they lead people to racism. So we can’t ignore it and that’s why , through several activities of this project, I wanted to give a pratical help to stigmatize false stereotypes, transmitting real information and participating in social campaign in order to bring clarity to those who do not know the real truth about this reality.

Hi, my name is Samuele Castorina, I’m 20 and I come from Catania, a beautiful city on the East Coast of Sicily. I’m a really creative and friendly person, so I decided to join European Solidarity Corps to serve the community and try to help someone, even if indirectly. I really care about physiological and physics well-being of everyone and I’m always open to help someone that is in a difficult situation. I thought that through this project I could be of help for young people like me. I’m really excited by this incredible experience and I strongly believe that it will assist me in my personal growing.