WORKLAB ANTITHESIS II (SERBIA) | Fake news about migrants and migration issues

This workshop is part of international project: “Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis – TAS Migrations Labs” supported by the EU programme “Europe for Citizens”. By participating in the workshops, young participants gain a number of benefits, including the opportunity to participate as part of the Serbian team for the final project conference in Brussels, where we will present […]

WORKLAB ANTITHESIS II (BELGIUM) | Underrepresentation Of Migrants As Legitimate Voices In Europe

The best way for host countries to both benefit from immigration and provide migrants with the best opportunities to thrive is to successfully integrate them in the host community. In turn, successful integration requires quality information regarding migrants’ needs based on their own experiences. Yet, this process has been systematically hindered by the underrepresentation of migrants’ […]


The analysis of new narratives is important, in light of current mainstream narratives, in order to deconstruct dubious conceptions and work from a basis of the reality of facts, figures and testimonies. Several of the existing myths about migration are deconstructed by facts. For example, improving socio-economic development at the national level tends to increase, in […]


Terraforming from Serbia held the second online workshop “Migrants and Refugees: Personal Experiences“, as part of TAS MIGRATION LABS project on 22nd September 2020 with three interesting stories from The Netherlands, Sweden and Malta. During the workshop participants had a chance to hear a personal story from Mr. Pavle Konatar, Integration Officer at the Municipality of […]

WORKLAB ANTITHESIS I (ITALY) | Italy of hate: xenophobia and discriminatory campaigns against migrants in the digital age

COPE NGO is pleased to invite you to our next Tas Labs workshop: “Italy of hate: xenophobia and discriminatory campaigns against migrants in the digital age” Together with the communication manager of Mediterranea Saving Humans, Luca Faenzi, we will learn more about online hatred, discriminatory campaigns against migrants and the role of communication in hate campaigns! […]

WORKLAB - THESIS II (Italy) | The march of the invisibles: between integration and ghettoization. Remarks on Italy’s case

Within the TAS Migration Labs project, we from Co.P.E NGO successfully completed the second workshop entitled “The march of the invisibles: between integration and ghettoization. Remarks on Italy’s case”. The workshop was held online, on 3 August 2020, during which we discussed with Augusto Gamuzza, PhD of the University of Catania, about unaccompanied minors, and transition […]

WORKLAB THESIS II (Belgium): Refugee Integration: Opportunities, Challenges and Agency

  Refugee Integration: Opportunities, Challenges and Agency Thursday, 23 July 2020, 11:00-12:30 REGISTRATION Integration is the most durable relevant solution for the majority of refugees in Europe. Although integration has been placed high on policy and political agenda of EU Member states, the specific situation of refugees, barriers to their integration and opportunities provided to them […]

WorkLab – Thesis II: Narratives on Migration

Recent events related to the wave of anti-racist demonstrations around the world have brought up the issue of racism and social inequality, which are prevalent in the lives of thousands of people. The vandalising and destruction of statues linked to colonialism, segregationism and slavery; as well as the vandalising of centres for the reception of migrants, […]

WorkLab Tese I: “Os jovens e as narrativas sobre as migrações

O primeiro WorkLab Tese I: “Os jovens e as narrativas sobre as migrações” organizado em Portugal pelo projeto TAS – Tese, Antítese, Síntese – Migration Labs decorreu na tarde do dia 2 de junho, através da plataforma online Zoom, juntando 29 participantes. Foram debatidas temáticas relacionadas com as narrativas contemporâneas, os preconceitos e estereótipos junto dos migrantes e os mitos e as […]

WorkLab Thesis I (Portugal): Young people and the narratives about migration

The first WorkLab Thesis I: “Young people and the narratives about migration” organized in Portugal by TAS project – Thesis Antithesis, Synthesis – Migration Labs was held online on June 2nd, joining 29 participants. Themes related to contemporary narratives, prejudices and stereotypes among migrants and myths and realities about migrations were discussed. Based on the United Nations definition […]